The 1987 to 2001 era.

During this era G.E. cut back their product line again. Now products were made - wherever - in Indonesia, Korea, Taiwan and finally China.
Their packaging was redesigned with primarily white graphics. The Bulbs no longer have an aluminum base and are now made with a nickel base, although they briefly went back to brass with bulbs made in China in 1995.
In 2001 G.E. discontinued their holiday lighting line and sold it to Santa's best craft, who now sell the sets and use the familiar trademarks under license to G.E.

Around 1987 the packaging was changed again. The G.E. logo is larger and the product name is placed at an incline. The "ENERGESAVER" logo has been replaced by the generic "Energy saver" These are C7 Cool Bright bulbs dating to 1993 and made in China.

These are C7 Twinkle Bright bulbs. This carton dates to 1993 and is made in Korea.

These are C7 Glow Bright bulbs dating to 1998 and made in China.

G.E. Champagne bulbs in C-7 size, 5 watt, made in China. The colors are blue, green, red, orange, and violet. Notice the rippled flame shape of these bulbs reminiscent of vintage lights. Introduced in 1997 and also sold with a light string. These were found in a dollar store in 2004.

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