G.E. Advertisement, LIFE magazine issue of December 5, 1960.

This advertisement from the December 5, 1960 issue of LIFE magazine is a gold mine of information on G.E. lamps sold at the time.
The ad fills 2 full pages and they certainly got their moneys worth since it was in a sports issue.
I had to do a large scan so you can read the fine print, but it's worth it!

We can determine many facts from the advertisement as to what was sold in 1960.
Transparent and Twinkle bulbs included a pink color while ceramic included white since back then they were sold in 5 packs.
Snowball bulbs were still being sold, Lighted ice bulbs were just introduced, and G.E. had not yet introduced their own brand of all green light strings.
Notice the ad says "When you buy strings of Christmas lights - for strings that use them"

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