The 1978 to 1987 era.

During this era G.E. had to cut back their product line due to the recession of the 1970s. Also, many products were now made overseas.
As a result of the energy crisis of 1973, their products were redesigned to use less energy and more emphasis was placed on miniature sets.
The reduced energy use was indicated by the "ENERGESAVER" logo.

This is a later version of Lighted Ice made after 1978.
These bulbs were reduced from 7 to 6 watts to save energy, and were now made in South Korea.

A comparison of G.E. Lighted ice bulb made in U.S.A. vs. newer bulb made in South Korea.
As you can see in the photo, the Korean made bulbs had a problem with shedding.

A package of C-7 "ENERGESAVER" Glow Bright bulbs introduced in 1977 in response to the 1973 energy crisis.
These bulbs had an exterior paint coating that was more efficient - it allowed the same brightness using only 5 watts for C-7 and 7 watts for C-9

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