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Welcome to my website showcasing a Christmas lighting collection from the postwar baby boom era , which is from the 1950s to the 1980s when inexpensive miniature light sets became popular. Unlike other websites devoted to those extreme Christmas displays that you can see from outer space, this site only showcases vintage sets. We are in a transition era. Just as carbon filament bulbs were replaced by tungsten bulbs almost a century ago, these are now being replaced by L.E.D. bulbs or light emitting diodes. Click on the buttons below to enter the past and enjoy!

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Many of the Christmas light sets on this website may be viewed lit up! Just click on the light switch.
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Well, it's that time again. The Christmas season has now started. May everyone have a merry Christmas!
Fans of vintage Christmas lighting will be happy to know that you can still buy G.E.-branded incandescent bulbs in C-7 and C-9 sizes. They are sold at Lowes home centers and even come in cartons similar to the original design. I say G.E. branded because they are no longer in the lighting business. The bulbs are made by another manufacturer under a licensing agreement.   Go to: G.E. bulbs at Lowes home centers.
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If you see the twinkling lights on this tree, everything is set correctly.

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