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Inclusion of these sites does not constitute an endorsement or advertisement.

Christopher Radko. Sells reproductions of Shiny Brite ornaments and classic decorations since 1984.
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Tom Carlisle - Christmas by Carlisle Bubble Lights.
Mr. Carlisle sells new bubble lights just like the ones made years ago, and they are made in the U.S.A!
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Kurt S. Adler Inc. Importers and sellers of Santa's world brand and other holiday decorations, since 1946.
You cannot buy directly from their website, you must go to a dealer.
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"The representatives who have designed the new website have been online since the early 1990s with a mission statement that has always included selling Christmas lights, Christmas decorations, artificial Christmas trees and Christmas ornaments, via the Internet,  to consumers all over the world."
This is the succesor to Christmas Depot.

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G. W. Justice store established 1888.
This ebay store has an extensive line of lighting products.
They also have Christmas light bulbs in hard to find colors like yellow and pink, as well as the elusive twinkle bulbs.
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Hard to find items- Christmas lights and bulbs.
This internet retailer really does have hard to find stuff like mini replacement bulbs and Bubble Lights!
Go to: Mini replacement bulbs.
They also include information on bulb current/power to make choosing the right replacement easier.

Websites of other collectors. Most of them are now on Flikr or YouTube because it's free!

Markdpodmore's flikr collection.
Mark Podmore, another collector, has quite an assortment of Noma, Glolite, GE, Miller, and Poloron
decorations and catalogs on the flikr photo sharing website. He's been adding photos since 2002.
Go to :

ChristmasMemories1's YouTube channel.
You'll find lots of videos of vintage Christmas tree toppers and decorations on this channel.
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The Golden Glow of Christmas Past.
A club for collectors of antique Christmas items from the pre 1966 era with over 1000 members, including me as of December 2019.
Go to:

Old school Christmas lights.  Collectors forum on facebook:
"A celebration of the lights and decorations of Christmas past. If LEDs leave you cold, this page is for you!"
You need to be a facebook member to see the full collection or leave comments.

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References : The following books and websites were used as references for this website.

Robert Brenner - "Christmas : 1960 - present" (book) ISBN 0-7643-0172-1
Information on GE lights and Shiny Brite ornaments.
Robert Brenner's books are available at  Click here to purchase.

Cindy Chipps, Greg Olson - "Collector's Encyclopedia of electric Christmas Lighting" ISBN 1-57432-408-X
Identification and date verification of Christmas light sets.
This book is available at  Click here to purchase.

Bill and George Nelson - "The antique Christmas lights museum". The site was restored in July 2010 by the editors of Family Christmas Online.
It's now known as "Old Christmas Tree Lights" and showcases versions of the site done by Bill and George Nelson.
The first version was done by the late Bill Nelson, and is archived at:

Tim Tromp - "Kilokats antique lights museum" (website)
Information on antique light bulbs and Christmas lights. There is also a discussion forum for members.
Go to:

Frank Wysong - M.T.s light collection. (website)
A collection of light sets and bulbs from the 1940s to 1960s. It's a very early website - I'm surprised it is still around.

 Google Patents - Patents are a gold mine of information about any product you want to research.
They have the inventor, date of invention, and everything you ever wanted to know about how it is made and works. In fact, this is where the various patents seen on this website were obtained.
You can also try the U.S. Patent office at :

Google Books - In 2010, Google added an online archive of popular magazines in addition to their collection of books.
Vintage magazines are a great reference for their period advertisements, which help in dating a particular item. The website has changed somewhat, you now have to search for a specific magazine.

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