Although this website showcases Christmas lights, I had to include a page with a few of the classic decorations.
Old ornaments like these are cherished because they brig back memories of Christmases past.

Shiny Brite Christmas ornaments were made and sold by Max Eckardt from the 1940s to 1960s.
They can be identified by the words "Shiny Brite Made in USA" stamped into the ornament's top cap.
According to information on the box, there were factories in North Bergen, New Jersey and West New York, also in New Jersey.

{Click image to enlarge)
Here's a close up of the artwork on the cover, showing Uncle Sam and Santa Claus.
Even then American manufacturers were facing competition from imported products.


Here are the best of the Shiny Brite ornaments. In the box are 4 bells, 7 stenciled ornaments, and a depressed center ornament.
These date to the early 1950s and were passed down to me from my parents.

Shiny Brite glitter decorated ornaments.

Various figural ornaments such as pine cones, a bell, and Japanese lanterns.

  Jewel Brite Ornaments
These Jewel Bright ornaments date to the 1970s. The were made using a two piece plastic clamshell design with the front piece transparent, and the rear half mirrored to reflect the decoration within the ornament.
The top ornaments are 3 inches in diameter and the bottom ornaments are 1 and 1/2 inch hexagonal by 3 inches.

Here's another variation these are round 2 inch diameter ornaments.

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